Monday, November 6, 2017

Names Behind The Numbers

Meet four workers in Wisconsin's clean energy industry, profiled for a new project called Names Behind the Numbers, telling Wisconsin's clean energy worker stories.

Tim Ott (shown on the left) works for DVO, Inc. — an anaerobic digester company located just six miles from his hometown of Hilbert, Wisconsin. He started working for DVO right after he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in natural resource management. 

Tim is one of thousands of people across Wisconsin who work in jobs driven by the state’s clean energy and energy efficiency sectors. His profile is the latest in a series being developed by Medium. The project is called Names Behind the Numbers and it seeks to help everyone get to know some of their fellow Wisconsinites for whom these emerging and growing sectors in our state are really important. Some other features include Erik Davidsen (Master Electrician at Staff Electric)Tim Martinez (Solar Construction Manager at EcoPower), and Casey Joyce (Project Manager at SunPeak).  In the posts to come over the course of this project, they'll feature people working in a truly wide range of jobs and companies — from manufacturing to installation to construction to operations and more. Stay tuned!