Monday, August 6, 2018

Declining Battery Storage Costs Raise Questions About The Role Of Natural Gas

The Mira Loma Battery Storage Project in California. Photo Credit: Southern California Edison
Author: Seth Mullendore, Clean Energy Group | Project: Resilient Power Project

Evidence is building in support of battery storage as a serious challenger to the perceived dominance of natural gas in our current and future energy system. Batteries are beginning to complete head-to-head with natural gas peaker plants, and they’re starting to win.

Peaker plants are designed to fire up whenever electricity demand rises above the level that baseload fossil plants, nuclear, and renewables can satisfy – think hot summer days when air conditioners are turned up full blast or cold winter nights when heating demand skyrockets. There are more than 1,000 peakers currently in operation across the U.S. Most of these are powered by natural gas, and many of them are located in communities already burdened by poor air quality and public health issues.

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