Tuesday, October 30, 2018

4 Free Renewable Energy Webinars Coming Up

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) is hosting several free webinars in November and December. Descriptions and registration links are below.
We hope you can attend!

Energy Storage in the Clean Peak Standard
Thursday, November 8, 1-2pm ET

Clean Peak Standards (CPS) are being implemented or considered by several states as a way to focus renewable generation at peak demand hours. Energy storage is expected to play a major role in these efforts. Navigant's Lon Huber will present. Read more and register here.

Iowa’s Biomass Conversion Plan and Economic Assessment Tool
Tuesday, November 13, 1-2pm ET

Join us for an overview of Iowa's recently released Biomass Conversion Action Plan and Biogas Assessment Model. In addition, we will hear from farmer Bryan Sievers of Sievers Family Farms about their conversion to biogas and how their experience helped in the development of the economic assessment tool. Read more and register here.

Renewable Thermal in RPSs: Examples from New Hampshire, Oregon, and Vermont
Thursday, November 29, 1-2pm ET

Although renewable portfolio standards (RPSs) have historically focused on electricity generation, fourteen states now include renewable thermal power for heat generation. This webinar will provide broad overview of the issues involved in incorporating renewable thermal in state RPSs. Speakers from New Hampshire, Oregon, and Vermont will discuss the inclusion of renewable thermal in their state’s RPS program. Read more and register here.

Americans’ Changing Views of Renewable Energy Policies
Tuesday, December 4, 1-2pm ET

A new report considers how Americans’ views on solar and wind energy have changed over the past decade. The report also explores attitudes towards and knowledge of state energy mandates, such as renewable portfolio standards. Lead author Sarah Mills will discuss the report’s findings. Read more and register here.