Wednesday, November 11, 2020

KidWind Virtual Workshop Series

KidWind is proud to partner with the CREATE Center to bring our virtual renewable energy educator workshops to educators across the US.  If you are a 6-12th grade science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) teacher use the coupon code, CREATEWKS2020, and it will reduce your registration fee to ONLY $10!  That saves you $140!  These 6-hour fully virtual workshops are hands-on and focus on delivering just enough content knowledge to get going, as well as a wide variety of practical activities for your classroom.   If you manage to take attend and complete all three of workshops - Energy & The Power Grid, Wind Energy Fundamentals and Solar Energy Fundamentals and attend an educators webinar on successful implementation you will receive $200 in bonus gear that you get to choose!  No prior energy knowledge is needed to attend these workshops.  All participants receive a box of materials before each workshop that will allow them to explore the lessons. To register visit: