Friday, August 7, 2020

NextEra Energy to Build Its First Green Hydrogen Plant in Florida

 The emerging green hydrogen market could open new opportunities for NextEra to use its renewable power.

By Karl-Erik Stromsta

NextEra Energy is closing its last coal-fired power unit and investing in its first green hydrogen facility. 

Through its Florida Power & Light utility, NextEra will propose a $65 million pilot in the Sunshine State that will use a 20-megawatt electrolyzer to produce 100 percent green hydrogen from solar power, the company revealed on Friday.

The project, which could be online by 2023 if it receives approval from state regulators, would represent the first step into green hydrogen for NextEra Energy, by far the largest developer and operator of wind, solar and battery plants in North America.

“We’re really excited about hydrogen, in particular when we think about getting not to a net-zero emissions profile but actually to a zero-emissions carbon profile,” NextEra Energy CFO Rebecca Kujawa said on Friday's earnings call.  

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